Residential and commercial flooring installation


Residential and commercial flooring installation

We understand your need for precision and dedication regarding your commercial or residential flooring installation. Every home or business is unique, with specific requirements and preferences that set the stage for the installation that follows product choice. Here are some critical facts to consider as you prepare for your remodel of any size.

What to consider for your residential flooring installation

In residential spaces, visual appeal, durability, and lifespan combine to give you results that could serve you for decades. When you share your requirements, you'll see that many products offer features that will provide you with the desired results and need for various spaces. One product will likely serve you best, and our flooring store in Milpitas, CA, helps you consider each one carefully, with in-person assistance.

Once you choose the perfect product, we’ll measure your area, offer estimates for the service, and answer any questions about it. Then, we'll schedule a day that works best with your schedule and let you know if you need to do anything before the installation team arrives. No matter how large or small, professional flooring installation is always the best way to protect your investment.



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Commercial installations

If you own a business or commercial location, the remodeling process may feel daunting initially, but commercial installation doesn't have to be a burden. Once you choose your materials, we'll measure the flooring space and discuss your options. We understand that guarding against an abundance of downtime is essential, so we work with you, your schedule, and your requirements. We also understand the importance of a safe work environment and strive to help you achieve every goal while we're in your establishment.

Visit us for your residential and commercial installation needs

At Alfonsos Carpet and Floors, we cater to your requirements with the best products and services, including a shop-at-home option. In addition, we put years of training and experience to work for your flooring installation, ensuring the results you want and need in each space. So, share your requirements and preferences while you're here, and we'll take care of them all.

You can visit our showroom in Milpitas, CA, whenever you're in the area to browse our extensive selection of materials. Our service areas include San Francisco, CA, Fremont, CA, Hayward,CA, Oakland, CA, San Ramon,CA, Pleasanton, CA, and Morgan Hill, CA, and we look forward to working with you too. So, stop by today to learn more about all the products and services available for residential and commercial flooring installation.